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JBEM Group has decades of experience connecting the right manufacturers with the right retail outlets in the right markets. We work with multiple international retail chains, local outlets mom&pop shops and small distributors across 4 continents in 30+ countries to ensure you products is placed in front of the right customer. They trust that our products are manufactured in European Union, of a high quality and in most economical prices. We are exclusive distributors of selected number of brands in the category of hair & body care. We stay on the cutting edge of current micro and macro trends to always deliver up-to-date and unique products.

Before any product is included in our offer to you, we carefully evaluate manufacturers. Our key points of evaluation include, but not limited to production and quality of the product, current trends, competitiveness and price positioning on each respective market.

Partnership with JBEM Group offers:

  • Comprehensive support in the purchasing process of entire product portfolio from our selected manufacturers

  • Excellent knowledge of manufacturers and pricing policy

  • Possibility of purchasing goods in quantity required for current sales demand

If you are looking to expand your business, don’t hesitate to contact us for an individual offer..

Thanks - we'll be in touch with you soon!!

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