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JBEM Group has decades of experience connecting the right manufacturers with the right retail outlets in the right markets. We work with multiple international retail chains, local outlets mom&pop shops and small distributors across 4 continents in 30+ countries to ensure you products is placed in front of the right customer. Our international scope of activities offers a truly “one stop shop” for new market entry, export consulting, sales & marketing as well as full logistics chain service. Our suppliers only focus on their product development, its quality and optimization. We take care of acquiring new customers and sales markets.

Partnership with JBEM Group offers:

  • International market expertise provided by years of research and on the ground experts

  • cost optimization of product implementation in new market

  • mediation in negotiation and conclusion of contracts with purchasers

  • logistic services

  • safety and risk mitigation

  • full outsourcing of new client acquisition and customer life cycle

If you are looking to expand your business, don’t hesitate to contact us for an individual offer..

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